Frequently Asked Questions

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What color poms do you offer?

Check out our handy dandy color guide here

What styles of pom pom earrings do you offer?

We do custom orders all the time but our main styles are:

Everyday: 1.5” pom

Extra: 2” pom

Mini: 1” pom

Double Mini: Two 1” poms stacked on top of each other

Extra + Mini: one 2” pom and one 1” pom stacked on top of each other

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping on all standard orders within the United States are FREE!

Should you require a rush delivery, arrangements can be made but will incur an additional cost.

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes! We love and value our relationships with retailers!

Want to visit one of our retailer? Click here to see the full list.

What to sign up to become a retailer? Hit us up at hi@ofabz.co !

What is the pom bar?

The pom bar is a blend of designing and shopping. We set up a bar with every possible color of pom pom you can imagine, all arranged in teacups, saucers and specialty dishes. Gals can design their own pom pom earrings in person and we’ll make them up on the spot.

Will you set up a pom bar at my event?

Love to! We offer a couple of options for the pom bar.

We can set up shop and charge event goers directly for the poms they choose.

We can work with the event producer on a flat cost for the event and then all event goers can make their poms at no cost to them.